Welcome to the private website of maas racing.  We regularly provide information about our racing activities on this site.

These activities have evolved from the terrain to the street. From motocross and off-road to circuit and oval. Read on this page how everything came to be, what it’s like now and how it will be.

We would like to thank everyone who supports us as team members, supporters and sponsors and are especially happy about all the fans who accompany us again and again, cheer us on, criticize and show their interest.



In the Stockcars category we will start in the Netherlands with a Brisca Formula 2 car. Races that are held on different oval racetracks. The special thing about these races is…


The Nascar category is only represented to a very limited extent in Europe. We irregularly compete in the NASCAR Wheel Euro Series. We also have an original US Nascar for training runs and events.


Available in this category are a Porsche 911 3.0 RS and a Porsche 904, as replica with lattice tube frame and 911 technology. However, these vehicles are no longer used in races, but serve as promotion vehicles and for pleasure.


30.09 Pickings

Although the day started with considerable brake problems, the final result was still satisfactory. Prior to the race we had started to replace the entire brake system, because the braking power of the stockcar was not yet sufficient. Unfortunately this...

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Venray 30.09.2018

Der nächste Start ist am 30.09.2018 in Venray beim BRISCA Formel 2 Rennen. Letzte Vorbereitungen laufen und das Auto wird hoffentlich pünktlich fertig sein.

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Without fans and supporters, racing is neither interesting nor possible at times. Support at the track and on social media, applause, comfort and sometimes even criticism, show the team that they are not alone, and who doesn’t like to hear the cheering of the spectators when something is done well.
Fans and supporters help us remain a topic of conversation – to become known. They are always at our side – even when things are not running as smoothly.